Sales At Scale

In a world of noise, competition, and skepticism, spamming your prospects with undifferentiated pitches, case studies, and sales collateral is like yelling at a brick wall...  

On the other hand, going old school and trying to personalize every touchpoint 100% is unrealistic and unsustainable — the few people you manage to contact might not notice or care, and when life gets busy, your sales activity grinds to a halt and your pipeline runs dry.  

What if the answer is combining the new school with the old?  

Instead of going in cold, how much faster would you grow if you could identify and open doors with the prospects who live within your circles of influence and are already primed to trust and do business with you?  

Relationship Sales at Scale™ is the new selling philosophy for our age. It marries the timeless power of tribe-based trust with digitally enabled scale so you can open doors tastefully and convert prospects consistently, all without spamming anyone.

Written by Dan Englander, CEO and founder of Sales Schema, the book’s stories, strategies, and hands-on resources are grounded in thousands of outreach campaigns conducted since 2014 to secure opportunities between clients and hard-to-reach prospects, including the leaders of the largest companies on earth.

Learn how to:

-Balance personalization and scale to keep your pipeline full and achieve reliable and predictable growth
-Condense five years of networking into a single weeklong campaign so you can batch up warm referrals into specific ideal accounts
-De-risk conversations with highly skeptical prospects by leveraging strong personal commonalities instead of boring publicly available information
-Divide specific prospecting and sales duties so you can avoid burnout, even if your team is small
-Leverage dozens of actual copy examples, campaign strategies, and online resources so you can launch and close deals in a matter of weeks
-And much more...

Relationship Sales at Scale™ will reshape the way you think about sales and business development, and it will give you the tools and strategies to scale reliably, whether you are an owner, dedicated salesperson, or in any growth-focused role. While the lessons covered were learned in the context of selling professional services, the book is applicable to any business-to-business salesperson selling complex offerings.

Get all the resources from the book...

What's inside: 

-Part 1 read by the author. 
-Sales script template. 
-Pipeline template. 
-Interviews detailing effective sales processes. 
-And more. 

How to find your virtual tribe and reliably grow your professional service business

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About the Author.

Dan Englander is the CEO and Founder of Sales Schema, a fractional new business team for marketing agencies and B2B service companies, and he hosts The Digital Agency Growth Podcast.   He's the author of Relationship Sales At Scale  and Mastering Account Management.   Previously Dan was the first employee Head of New Business at the animation studio IdeaRocket.  He lives in New York, and in his spare time he enjoys hurting himself via Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.